Impact Company Culture. Strengthen Employee Retention. Improve Productivity.

Arm the soon-to-be working mothers in your organization with a benefit that will position them for success in their transition to motherhood, return-to-work, and beyond.

Mothers are the fastest growing segment of the workforce.

And crucial contributors to your organization. Your company's ability to successfully attract and retain working mothers is critical to your company's current and future success. 

Maternity Leave alone is not enough.

43% of skilled American women leave the workplace after becoming mothers. Companies that implement coaching programs decrease new parent turnover rates by 10-15%, and save millions of dollars in costs to replace those valuable employees. Future-proof your workforce by preparing and empowering expectant employees for the most significant "promotion" of their lives. 

Partner With Mama In The Making

No need to reinvent the wheel — tap into a proven model that works. We partner with companies of all sizes and across industries. This easy-to-implement, low-cost, minimal maintenance program will arm your employees to tackle the challenges of new motherhood and return to work.

Enjoy The Benefits Of Great Benefits

Improve Sentiment

Give your employees all the good feels and create positive sentiment towards your organization by providing your employees with the insight, solutions & support they never knew they would need during this profound and vulnerable life transition.

Increase Retention

Increase their readiness to return to work by arming them early on with the solutions they will need to tackle the universal challenges new parents face. Prepared parents experience less stress and more confidence in the first few weeks & months with baby.

Protect Your Bottom Line

Losing employees is costly. With 43% of skilled American women not returning to work after having a baby, that's significant to your bottom line. Investing in their success will pay off -- for them and for your organization -- in the long run.

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