New Mom Survival School

 ✨The Life Raft You've Been Missing✨ 


It's not the 1950's anymore. Yet the way women learn to navigate new motherhood hasn't changed much... and it shows. 93% of today's mothers report feeling burned out.  👀

Despite being the most important "promotion" of our lives, most pregnant women are never taught how to balance motherhood with the rest of our lives

New Mom Survival School is changing that. We're giving today's new mamas the **crucial** insider info they need to thrive... not just survive!... in new motherhood and beyond. 🙌

"This course was incredible -- definitely a confidence booster and a MUST for first-time parents! I'm even re-watching with my partner! Ashley and Mandy were great, both with their backgrounds as moms and Mandy as a nurse. Thank you, thank you!"

Lauren H.
Industry Development Manager, Google

"It includes so much need-to-know info, and definitely made our transition into parenthood so much more smooth. Mandy and Ashley really know their stuff! I can't recommend Mama In The Making enough. "

Jessica D.
Associate Director, Sierra Club

"I really cannot recommend Mama In The Making enough, for first-time moms especially! I read a million books, looked at a million blogs, asked a million friends... but the advice I remember most was from Ashley & Mandy. They are really honest, down and dirty, and do not waste your time. The things I learned from them, I would have never picked up on my own. Just take the class!"

Ashley M.
CRNA, Nurse Anesthetist

You're A New Mom...

You're getting used to life with your little one...

  • You're wondering when you'll feel like yourself again
  • You're full of both love and loneliness... gratitude and struggle 
  • You're feeling busy and bored out of your mind...
  • You're still on an emotional roller coaster 
  • Time is going by so fast and so slowly at the same time
  • You're finding this phase so challenging
  • You're grateful for a loving partner and also catch yourself feeling resentful of their freedom


We're Mandy & Ashley and we created Mama In The Making for women just like you!

We're full-time working mamas who each welcomed 3 babies in 4 years. And despite being "Type A," overachieving planners, we found ourselves asking, "Why didn't anyone tell me about this?!" far too often as new mamas. With complementary backgrounds healthcare and business, we teamed up to create a fun, easy-to-follow solution that empowers new mamas with everything we wish we would have known the first time around, so they can struggle less and enjoy more.

Mandy is an Advanced Practice Nurse who has participated in hundreds of deliveries and Ashley holds a certification from Google in Coaching New & Expectant Parents through the transition into parenthood & return-to-work. We know exactly what women need (but usually don't get) to navigate the life-changing transition to motherhood. And we can't wait to show you!

"What a great idea...with a two week old at home those are all questions that have crossed my mind."

Brand New Mama

"This is amazing! This is definitely an area where women need more support and TRUTH. Love this!"

Mama of 2

"This is so needed! We need all the help and support we can get during these new and fragile stages!"

Mama of 2

"This would have been so helpful when I was a new mom. If I could tell a new mom one thing, it would be that she needs to rely on her “village,” and don’t be shy about asking for help."

Mama of 4

"I feel a sense of relief having so much information for what to expect AFTER baby leaves my belly. Knowledge is power friends! "

Alyssa C.
Instagram Influencer

"I feel so much more confident than I did before taking this class. To my surprise the topics covered are not those that come up in conversations with new moms. It's a lot of stuff that is never talked about that really should be."

Nicole D.
CRNA, Nurse Anesthetist

"I simply LOVED the course. I even did a few modules with my husband. We were able to divide responsibilities that we wouldn't even have thought of otherwise. Thank you Ash and Mandy - you both make it so comforting to have a child... even in this pandemic!"

Jess B.
Manager, Google

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