We give pregnant women the manual to modern-day motherhood so they can stress less, enjoy more, and balance their new life with baby.


"This course was incredible -- definitely a confidence booster and a MUST for first-time parents! I'm even re-watching with my partner! Ashley and Mandy were great, both with their backgrounds as moms and Mandy as a nurse. Thank you, thank you!"

Lauren H.
Industry Development Manager, Google

"Mandy and Ashley really know their stuff! I can't recommend Mama In The Making enough. It includes so much need-to-know info, put into a very structured and organized manner. It definitely made our transition into parenthood so much more smooth."

Jessica D.
Associate Director, Sierra Club

"I really cannot recommend Mama In The Making enough, for first-time moms especially! I read a million books, looked at a million blogs, asked a million friends... but the advice I remember most was from Ashley & Mandy. They are really honest, down and dirty, and do not waste your time. The things I learned from them, I would have never picked up on my own. Zoning the home was invaluable advice that it would have taken me much longer to figure out on my own. The daily mom-hacks and videos were probably my favorite parts! Just take the class!"

Ashley M.
CRNA, Nurse Anesthetist
Get Ready To Rock Motherhood... In 3 Weeks (Or Less!)
Inside our Mama In The Making program, you’ll learn the seldomly shared secrets every mama-to-be needs to embrace this new phase of life while also protecting the sleep, sanity, identity, lifestyle, and career she loves.
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You feel calm and confident bringing baby home from the hospital.

Unlike most women, you've taken the time set yourself up for success. 

You know exactly what to expect over the next couple of days and months.

You smile thinking, "I've totally got this."


This can be your story. And we can help.

We have coached hundreds of women through this transition into motherhood and beyond. We're unapologetic in our desire to protect and prioritize the sleep, sanity, and social lives that make us more than "mom".

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Meet Your Mama Mentors, Mandy & Ashley

We're full-time working mamas who both had 3 kids in 4 years. We make it all work by paying attention to our needs -- prioritizing our careers, marriages, girlfriends, and personal passions -- AND being present & involved mamas. After watching so.many.women struggle with stress, guilt, overwhelm, non-existent me-time, and more, we teamed up and founded Mama in the Making to share everything we’ve learned along the way to empower pregnant women to prepare better, stress less, and enjoy more.

Hi, I'm Mandy!

As an Advanced Practice Nurse, I’ve participated in hundreds of births in addition to supporting brand new mamas through breastfeeding and personal self-care following delivery. I've witnessed these women simultaneously overcome with joy, but also blindsided by the reality of both their physical recovery needs and the weight of their new responsibilities. I’ve seen far too many moms leave the hospital totally unprepared for navigating life after labor and delivery, and that needs to change. I bring my medical expertise and personal experience to the Mama in the Making Program to do just that. Outside of my nursing career you can find me in an early morning barre class or volunteering in my daughter’s classroom. Catch me on the weekends out to dinner with my hubby or taking our girls (ages 6, 4, and 2) to the pool!

Hey there, I'm Ashley!

As a former Sales Executive for Google, I balanced the births of three babies with business travel, speaking engagements & client deadlines. Arming other women -- particularly mamas-to-be -- with the strategies, solutions, and perspectives I wish I would have know the first time around became a total passion point for me. In addition to leading Google Detroit's Women@ community, I became certified as a New and Expectant Parent Guru, helping hundreds of Google employees prepare for the transition into parenthood and craft a return-to-work plan that met their unique goals. I’ve curated the strategies, systems and "hacks" that successful working parents at Google use to thrive in balancing parenthood with career, and I share them inside our Mama In The Making Program.

Outside of the corporate world, my claim to fame is delivering my third baby -- at home -- by myself -- unintentionally! My three littles are now 5, 4, and 2, I sit on the monthly School Committee board, and never miss a weekly date night with my hubby! 

"I am beyond impressed with the entire program. I feel more prepared for motherhood than I ever thought possible. Things that seemed scary and overwhelming before I now feel informed about and ready to handle! I'll be recommending this to every mom-to-be from here on out!"

Lindsay C
Sales Leader, Ceri Hoover

"I am SO grateful I took this program, and would recommend it to any first time moms-to-be. I learned so much valuable information. Knowing what to expect and how to tackle the situation with proper tools is priceless. "

Lauren F
Founder, OhmBodyYoga

"This program is a MUST. I took a birthing and breastfeeding class and this program -- Mama In The Making was definitely the most helpful."

Katie R
Sr Manager, Google

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5 Myths About Motherhood

Get our 5 Motherhood Myths download, and the much more helpful modern-day realities any mama-to-be needs to know!