Baby On Board?

You're in the right place! Mama in the Making transforms the modern-day pregnant woman’s preparation so she can rock the first 30 days of motherhood with more confidence and less surprises.

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"This program is a MUST. I took a birthing and breastfeeding class enrolled in this program -- Mama In The Making was definitely the most helpful."

Katie R.
Senior Manager, Google

"I feel more prepared for motherhood than I ever thought possible. Things that seemed scary and overwhelming before I now feel informed about and ready to handle! I am beyond impressed with the entire program and I'll be recommending this to every mom-to-be from here on out!"

Lindsay C.
Sales Leader, Ceri Hoover

"I learned so much valuable information. Knowing what to expect and how to tackle the situation with proper tools is priceless. I am SO grateful I took this program, and would recommend it to any first time moms-to-be. "

Lauren F.
Founder, OhmBodyYoga

The Intel You Really Need

Unlike traditional pre-baby prep, Mama In the Making shines a spotlight on the mama-to-be, arming her with exactly what she will need to navigate her physical recovery, hormonal fluctuations, breastfeeding journey, relationship changes, me-time, and more.

What if...

  • You discovered the manual to modern-day motherhood
  • You knew exactly what to expect in the first few days and weeks at home with your baby
  • You met fun, relatable instructors who walked you through an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process you could complete at home to set yourself up for as little as 20 minutes a day
  • You and your partner completed a checklist of pointed questions to get on the same page and baby-proof your relationship
  • You felt totally confident in your ability to navigate breastfeeding challenges, physical recovery, and hormone fluctuations following delivery


You want to be ready... to be the best mom you can be... and maintain an awesome relationship with your partner... and still feel like yourself...and maybe even keep rocking your career. You're optimistic.

But the truth is, 80% of new parents report feeling anxious and unprepared. Becoming a mother is the biggest physical, psychological, and neurobiological change most women will experience in their lives. Recovering from a major physical event (delivery!), hormones wildly out of whack, sleep deprivation, learning to keep a tiny human alive... It's easy to see why so many new mamas battle with feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and burn out.

RELAX! That's Where We Come In.

We've been in your shoes. We're Mandy & Ashley and we created the Mama In The Making course for pregnant women just like you!

We're both full-time working mamas who each welcomed 3 babies in 4 years. And despite being "Type A," overachieving planners, we found ourselves asking, "Why didn't anyone tell me about this?!" far too often as new mamas. With complementary backgrounds healthcare and business, we teamed up to create a fun, easy-to-follow solution that empowers pregnant women with everything we wish we would have known the first time around, so they can prepare better, stress less, and enjoy more.

Mandy is an Advanced Practice Nurse who has participated in hundreds of deliveries and Ashley holds a certification from Google in Coaching New & Expectant Parents through the transition into parenthood & return-to-work. We know exactly what women need (but usually don't get) to navigate the life-changing transition to motherhood. With the right preparation before your baby arrives, you can set yourself up to stress less, sleep more, and even protect your "me-time" as a new mama...

...and our Mama In The Making Program can help.

Mama In The Making is a fun, self-paced online program designed to help pregnant women take action before baby arrives so they can embrace their new phase of life while protecting their sleep, self & sanity!


  • Get More Sleep
  • Fast Track Your Physical Recovery
  • Ready Your Relationship
  • Soothe A Fussy Baby
  • Breast (or Bottle) Feed With Less Stress
  • Protect "Me-Time"

What's Inside?

Mama In The Making gives pregnant women an easy-to-follow manual to modern-day motherhood. It's full of secrets, solutions, and support from experienced moms and covers the topics no one else is telling you. It will arm you with honest insight and time-testings solutions to navigate the universal stress-inducing scenarios all new mamas face. Inside this fun, self-paced, fully-online program, you will learn how to:

Sleep deprivation is inevitable as a new mama, but you CAN minimize it by learning the all-too-common Sleep Gremlins that prevent most new mamas from getting the sleep they so desperately need, and implementing the right strategies before your baby arrives so you can avoid them.

Child birth is the most significant physical event most women experience in their entire lives. Recovery is no joke. Armed with the right supplies and proven solutions ahead of time, you can ease and speed your recovery. Our members use our simple checklists to stock their bathrooms with essential supplies and our easy-to-follow instructions to setup well optimized postpartum "zones" in their homes, before their baby arrives.

Breastfeeding is one of the biggest concerns for many women we work with. Our NORTH Breastfeeding Method arms our members with strategies, solutions, and support to maximize success and minimize stress around breastfeeding. Each member also prepares a Breastfeeding Backup Plan, which reduces stress and increases confidence both now, and in the inevitable moments of struggle. 

Welcoming a new baby can create stress in the strongest relationships. It's critical to get your partner on the same page before your baby arrives, to ensure your get the support you'll need and to avoid unnecessary arguments in the future. We'll help you do this with a list of questions to discuss with your partner and specific tips for making him (or her!) feel involved and adored from Day 1.

Colicky or not, all babies fuss! Most new mamas today have little (or zero) hands-on experience with newborns when their own arrives. You need to know and understand the top reasons babies fuss and the time-tested tools to soothe and lull them to sleep. These priceless learnings will leave you feeling more confident and help you avoid the negative spiral that so many new mamas battle unnecessarily (think: inadequacy, guilt, or shame).

Too many women let their "me-time" and sense of self slip away after their baby arrives. Not our members -- they learn to rock motherhood and more by defining their self-care non-negotiables, communicating them with their partners for support and accountability, and making them happen with our time-management strategies for balancing baby, career, me-time, and more!

"This course was incredible -- definitely a confidence booster and a MUST for first-time parents! I'm even re-watching with my partner! Ashley and Mandy were great, both with their backgrounds as moms and Mandy as a nurse. Thank you, thank you!"

Lauren H.
Industry Development Manager, Google

"It includes so much need-to-know info, put into a very structured and organized manner. It definitely made our transition into parenthood so much more smooth. Mandy and Ashley really know their stuff! I can't recommend Mama In The Making enough. "

Jessica D.
Associate Director, Sierra Club

"I really cannot recommend Mama In The Making enough, for first-time moms especially! I read a million books, looked at a million blogs, asked a million friends... but the advice I remember most was from Ashley & Mandy. They are really honest, down and dirty, and do not waste your time. The things I learned from them, I would have never picked up on my own. Just take the class!"

Ashley M.
CRNA, Nurse Anesthetist

"What a great idea...with a two week old at home those are all questions that have crossed my mind."

Brand New Mama

"This is amazing! This is definitely an area where women need more support and TRUTH. Love this!"

Mama of 2

"This is so needed! We need all the help and support we can get during these new and fragile stages!"

Mama of 2

"This would have been so helpful when I was a new mom. If I could tell a new mom one thing, it would be that she needs to rely on her “village,” and don’t be shy about asking for help."

Mama of 4

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Enrollment for the next program cohort opens soon! Submit your information for early-bird access!


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