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Mama In The Making - Monthly Payment Plan

Mama In The Making is the one-stop-shop for pregnant women who want to rock the transition to motherhood.

This fun, self-paced program will teach you the "taboo" topics other classes ignore -- and arm you with solutions most new mamas learn the hard way. You'll learn to embrace this new phase of life while protecting your sleep, self, and sanity!

You'll learn how to:

  • Get More Sleep
  • Protect Your "Me-Time"
  • Ready Your Relationship
  • Fast Track Your Physical Recovery
  • Breast (Or Bottle) Feed With Less Stress
  • Soothe A Fussy Baby
  • Ward Off The Baby Blues
  • Hire Great Help
  • Maximize Time Management

Check the most important thing -- your preparedness for this major life transition -- off your pre-baby to-do list today! Completing this program will give you the clarity, solutions, and confidence to enjoy your transition into motherhood and be your best self both at home & at work!

What People Are Saying:

“This program is a MUST. I took a birthing and breastfeeding class and this program -- Mama In The Making was definitely the most helpful.”

Katie R.

“I am SO grateful I took this program, and would recommend it to any first time moms-to-be. I learned so much valuable information. Knowing what to expect and how to tackle the situation with proper tools is priceless.”

Lauren F.

“I am beyond impressed with the entire program. I feel more prepared for motherhood than I ever thought possible. Things that seemed scary and overwhelming before I now feel informed about and ready to handle! I'll be recommending this to every mom-to-be from here on out!”

Lindsay C.

“This course was incredible -- definitely a confidence booster and a MUST for first-time parents! I'm even re-watching with my partner! Ashley and Mandy were great, both with their backgrounds as moms and Mandy as a nurse. Thank you, thank you!”

Lauren H.

“Mandy and Ashley really know their stuff! I can't recommend Mama In The Making enough. It includes so much need-to-know info, put into a very structured and organized manner. It definitely made our transition into parenthood so much more smooth.”

Jess D.

“I really cannot recommend Mama In The Making enough, for first-time moms especially! I read a million books, looked at a million blogs, asked a million friends... but the advice I remember most was from Ashley & Mandy. They are really honest, down and dirty, and do not waste your time. The things I learned from them, I would have never picked up on my own. Zoning the home was invaluable advice that it would have taken me much longer to figure out on my own. The daily mom-hacks and videos were probably my favorite parts! Just take the class!”

Ashley M.